Updated Website, Themes

My official work on Maemo has ended now, so I finally had time to finish the long overdue refresh of Openismus.com.

Openismus.com In the end we didn’t stray much from the original, and it was difficult to please everybody, but at least it looks a lot more polished now. The site is still simple and adjusts reasonably well to different font sizes and resolutions. The plan is to update the design frequently.

N900 Themes

MelodyMeanwhile, Harmony, Melody and Word City were released to the Ovi Store. All three themes have been developed with a lot of effort during the time I worked with Nokia and are based on the development theme. Harmony and Melody include a background by myself, Word City includes a background by Steffen Halme. I am very happy with how these turned out, unfortunately a bug in the firmware causes the themes to reset whenever the device is restarted. This will be fixed in the next firmware, for which themes will also have to be updated.


6 responses to “Updated Website, Themes

  1. Excellent work those three themes! Getting rid of the uglyish nseries theme is always the first thing i do 😉

  2. one big no-no:

    the ridiculous thing about the landgericht hamburg “link-urteil”.

    it’s an urban myth that it helps anything, it actually is wrong:

    plus in my opinion a non-serif font looks much better on the web, but that might just be me.

  3. Thanks Joergen!

    sdf, I am aware of that, but it doesn’t do any harm either. In any case I just updated the layout, so it is not a new thing.

    The fonts weren’t my first choice either, although in some cases serif fonts can look quite good even on the web. Generally font rendering is not that bad anymore, but it depends on the circumstances.

  4. Daniel, feel free to switch it to sans-serif for the body. It indeed doesn’t look quite right with the standard serif at that font size.

  5. Do you know Anurag basu has directed the movie kites.. http://bit.ly/ajiQYq that just adds an extra reason for me to watch this movie.

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