Also long overdue is an updated hackergotchi:

I will also be looking for new blog software. Can somebody recommend one that is simple, modern, and standards-compliant?


7 responses to “Hackergotchi

  1. There isn’t much besides WordPress. I prefer Serendipity on my own server because it works with PostgreSQL too (WordPress developers used to claim it would be “too hard” to make it work with anything != MySQL, now there seem to be plans to change that) and because it has a better reputation for code quality and security. There are less themes, though. Otherwise I’m happy with it. I wouldn’t use WordPress on anything but wordpress.com because it seems to be dangerous / too much work to keep secure. That doesn’t seem to work for you, though? 😉
    And what do you mean by standards-compliant?
    I simply host my own blog because I want to.

  2. There is Movable Type, which is now free software I think. I’ve been told that it’s among the best ones, but I haven’t tried it.

  3. I highly recommend ikiwiki. It provides a wiki *and* blog, with all the features that (AFAICT) you use. It statically compiles to HTML/CSS/RSS/Atom/etc, resulting in minimal server load. It uses a standard version control system of your choice for storage. It provides optional web editing via CGI, as well as editing by pushing to the version control repo. It has a large number of available plugins for various uses.

  4. I am looking at Habari now, which seems very promising. I was hoping that something new would have popped up since last time I tried to find an alternative to wordpress.

    I am mainly looking for something that “just works” like wordpress, but without the bloat and which makes it really hard to create invalid or messy (X)HTML (unlike the visual editor in wordpress). Lately I find that wordpress is only getting in my way. I’m sure this is different for users who blog more frequently though.

  5. Hey, Habari does look pretty good. If Serendipity development slows down even more and when Habari is a bit more mature I might just switch to that.

  6. Anonymous coward

    You might be interested in Point clair, I mean

  7. Did you have a look at Textpattern (http://www.textpattern.com/)/

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