It has been a while since my last blog entry, so it is probably about time that I provide some updates. I have not done a lot of programming lately and recently I have not even used Linux most of the time, so things are going rather slowly.

Thanks to a patch by Jürg, Scratchpad now compiles again against Vala SVN. Since I don’t have much use for it right now when I don’t use GNOME, help would be much appreciated. I do hope to get back to it sooner or later though, as I still don’t know a real alternative to it.

While looking for a decent text editor for Windows I found e, which has many good ideas. Interestingly a Linux version is planned, but unfortunately it is proprietary.

Meanwhile I got severely addicted to Go and thus I’m afraid Chessmonk development is on hold. Fortunately the first (and only) release was already very usable as a PGN viewer, so I hope it will be of use to some people. Feel free to use any of the code or graphics in your own projects.

There has been no progress on the Lua Gtk Theme Engine either, it is still in the state of basically usable, with a few crucial details missing. It is unlikely that I will find the time and motivation to finish this unless I get a sudden urge to create a new Gtk theme, so if anyone would like to continue it, let me know.

A for myself, I realized that I enjoy design more than programming after all and intend to make a more serious attempt to get into web design, especially the visual side of it. For now I want to gain experience and build a portfolio, so please let me know if anyone needs a website done.

Hopefully I will have something to show again the next time a post is overdue. 🙂


5 responses to “Updates

  1. Try jEdit 4.3. It’s an outstanding cross-platform, Free editor.

  2. I know jEdit and used it for a while, it doesn’t even come close. I am not looking for many features but for new interface concepts and usability.

  3. Scratchpad, now talk about a blast from the past.
    I just have to try this out. (p.s. e-mail is also jabber).

    Haven’t spoken to you in a long long time? how are things


  4. I actually still use scratchpad as my default text editor. For light day-to-day usage, the simplicity is hard to beat.

  5. Good luck with web design! It is obvious that you’d be a natural and thus, great at this endeavor–so, do your thang, as we say out here in New York City!

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