Chessmonk goes Cairo

I rewrote the board view widget to get rid of the dependency on GnomeCanvas, now it only uses GtkDrawingArea and Cairo. In the process I “cleaned up” the animation code by making it automatically figure out all required animations between two positions and added piece fading and (optional) coordinates for good measure. Here is a little screencast showing it in action, of course being a gif it is not of high quality:
Board Widget Screencast


3 responses to “Chessmonk goes Cairo

  1. It looks great at last somebody start to new and goodlooking interface for Linux.
    I am not developer, but I like to play chess. If you are looking for ideas, I can tell you how I imagin such kind of interface for me.


  2. Wow.

    It would be nice to see something like this evolve into a Free Software equivalent of BabasChess for FICS.

    Any chance?

  3. nice job, im suggest one, support do Network Games, like p2p games, what do u mind!?

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