Mirage Sneak Speak

A while ago I showed some screenshots of a new eye-candy theme we were working on. Then I got a little destracted and Richard was mostly busy with Clearlooks-Cairo, but recently I picked it up again and tried some different ideas. It’s still very early in development, but I already enjoy using it and I kinda like this snapshot:

Mirage Preview

As you can probably tell, it uses ideas from both Aero and Aqua. It will be anything but conservative, but still focus on polish and usability (as you should expect). The window decoration is just a quick hack of the gnome-window-decorator for compiz (which also uses Cairo), I will finish it once compiz gets real theme support.


9 responses to “Mirage Sneak Speak

  1. I like it, but the border on the foreground windows is a bit to dark. A mid-tone grey would be better imho.
    I guess the windows buttons (minimize/maximize/close) are the Compiz’s defaults, they look fat compared to the pixel-precise-ultra-clean style of the rest of the theme.

    Great work overall, i’m looking forward for it.

    (sorry for my poor english, i’m french)

  2. Thanks. Yeah, the buttons and black border are still from the original compiz style.

  3. Well, the shiny glowing menu-bar is really non-orthodox, but looks somewhat like from a different world… It might be interesting to see it in action, though.
    I wonder what’s the minimalistic text editor in the foreground?

  4. It might be cool (though cool seldom means usable) to have the blue menu-bar backlight centered under the currently selected menu item.

    Or to have the light “turned off” when the window looses focus.

    ~~~just some random thoughts.

  5. Yeah it would be nice to only light the menubar on focused windows (especially since the titlebar doesn’t change color anymore), but I’m not sure if it’s possible yet. I haven’t looked to deeply though.

  6. I’m actually developing a theme with colored menubars too, and I stumbled upon your blog entry 🙂

    However; I also stumbled upon a few problems, that I figure you’ve solved – or also come across:

    I) Mozilla uses the colored menubar but does not change text color
    II) Ditto for OpenOffice
    III) The “only-color-focused-window’s-menubar” thing…


  7. Yes it breaks with Firefox and probably OO.o, I don’t care about that. Those applications have caused us so much pain and trouble already that I feel no guilt in simply ignoring them for the themes I do for fun. They are no Gtk applications and it is their job to make sure that their ugly hacks don’t break too badly.

  8. may i ask once more which editor in foreground in the screenshot?

  9. It’s called Scribes. I never actually used it, but it was the only application I had available without a menubar so I could illustrate the blending.

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