Clearlooks-Metacity TNG

I am working on a new metacity style to match the shininess of clearlooks-cairo. This is how it looks like so far:


Update: It’s out


10 responses to “Clearlooks-Metacity TNG

  1. Wow! I have a new default theme!


  2. Sweet !
    Any chance of an Xfce version of this theme ? 🙂

  3. Priyank, I’m actually workong in an Xfce version right now!

    I’ll release it really soon!

  4. Great work, keep it up! Would love to see this as a default theme in 2.14. 😉

  5. Any chance to have rounded corner in metacity themes with Cairo?

  6. Unfortunately smooth rounded corners are only possible once Metacity supports it. First composite has to stabilize and then Metacity has to support drawing on RGBA visuals for real transparency.

  7. not that bad, although i still dislike this theme on ubuntu-human colors.

  8. The metacity theme is great. Would it be possible to have even _wider_ buttons in the title bar? I mean 3 or 4 times wider than they are tall.

    Currently the titlebar buttons are far too small, compared to how often I click them. I find myself enlarging the titlebar font in order to make them bigger. If they were much wider than they are tall, their area would be as big, but without having the whole title bar take too much space.

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